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The instant blast of cold air that you feel when you turn the air conditioning dial on a hot summer afternoon is blissful relief from the heat of the day. Over time, however, the air becomes less cool and less effective. Station Road Garage can carry out a health check on your car's air conditioning system and refill the gas if needed. Enjoy your air conditioning as it's meant to be. Give us a call today.

Gradual loss of gas

Leaky connectors

Corroded joints or pipes

Damaged seals

Faulty compressor

Build-up of mould or fungus

"Excellent regular updates as problem took several days to resolve. They spoke to my daughter as an equal rather than down to her as garages often do. Well done to them. Customer service first class from all members of team. Would recommend SRG to anyone."


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Our experienced and qualified mechanics are proficient in the lubrication of air conditioning systems and the recharge of the R134a air conditioning gas required for the system to function. We will also reset any fault codes and ensure the system is working at full capability before returning it to you - cool as a cucumber.

Possible air con problems:

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Service personnel receive a 10% discount on all repairs

excluding MOT's and Tyres.

We can now provide the latest refrigerant (HFO 1234yf) for all vehicles manufactured from 2012.