Servicing is without a doubt the most important part of looking after any vehicle. All vehicles are subject to an annual MOT but this has no comparison to carrying out a scheduled service which follows the correct service schedule set out by all manufacturers. Following the vehicle’s individual service schedule is critical to ensure your car is maintained to the correct standard and all necessary procedures are carried out at the correct time interval. This will always be formulated based on the mileage and current age of the vehicle. All vehicles also have different servicing requirements, so following the correct manufacturing service schedule allows us to check and advise on any potential problems with your vehicle, leading to less surprise and better reliability allowing the customer to plan for any future expenditure. Regular servicing means your car is safe to drive and less likely to breakdown.

Vehicle Repairs

If your car’s been behaving badly – making a strange noise or pulling to one side maybe – why not get it looked at by our expert team of technicians. We are proficient in all kinds of vehicle repairs on all makes and models of cars and can even provide a courtesy car for you to use while yours is being fixed. Our prices are competitive and wherever possible we try and have the vehicle repaired and returned on the same day.

Commercial Vehicle Repairs Available

At Station Road Garage, we understand how important your trusty van is. When you run your own business, down time is costly. We aim to get you and your van back on the road as soon as possible, minimising any disruption to your business. Whether it’s an urgent repair or a planned check-up, Station Road Garage are the ideal local choice. Give us a call today.