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You won't recognise your car after an annual service from Station Road Garage. Our expert vehicle service technicians will go to work on your car or commercial vehicle, providing some much-needed TLC under the bonnet. We'll change the filters and fluids, improving performance and fuel economy. We'll check all essential systems and make any necessary adjustments. Your car will drive more smoothly, respond faster and be generally healthier. It's well documented that cars which receive regular services break down less often.

"Needed a fast fix for Range Rover coolant leak. No one else around could help in my time frame. Not only did SRG fix me within 24hrs but they game an excellent loan car and gave excellent and transparent service. They showed me the split pipe that had been removed without being requested. They even fetched my car over and helped me load my bags. Will definately return. Thankyou"


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If your car's been behaving badly - making a strange noise or pulling to one side maybe - why not get it looked at by our expert team of mechanics. We are proficient in all kinds of vehicle repair on all makes and models of cars and can even provide a courtesy car for you to use while yours is being fixed. Our prices are competitive - give us a call today.

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At Station Road Garage, we understand how important your trusty van is. When you run your own business, down time is costly. We aim to get you and your van back on the road as soon as possible, minimising any disruption to your business. Whether it's an urgent repair or a planned check-up, Station Road Garage are the ideal local choice. Give us a call today.

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Service personnel receive a 10% discount on all repairs

excluding MOT's and Tyres.